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We have 17 years, despite having three children, we resist the temptation to marry. Clara is 42 and has great legs and a broadly based. It has often complained that her breasts are too small, but I think it is okay and your nipples are fine. I have 41 and a bit overweight with a high sex drive. We had a pretty good sex life and how many times were good and not so good. During our time together we both had a single one-night stand with another couple. It never gave us any trouble and I often think of the man, with Clare spent the night and find it very exciting. in recent years have involved with the local cricket club, as I have the game and the love of Clara always enjoyed the social side of things. About six months ago we were at a fundraising event and were very drunk. Clara had drunk too much and it was a result of his insistence on dancing with no one to drag on the ground. He threw most of the younger members and most were of the flight, if they could. I did not take me much attention, as I said before, I saw all the new players and other drunken poguide cricketers wives and girlfreinds doing the same. After a while I realized that I meet a guy named Dan and more attention (unlike others), seemed happy to dance and looked comfortable with their behavior Drunked. I've noticed that Clara was closer to Dan on his way to dance, but as there were so many drunk people, no one seemed to notice but me. That's why I decided to keep an eye on them, just in case he made a fool of himself and of course I did not until our freinds wanted to be shown. Towards the end of the night she and Clare kiss was really flirting and Rubing his abdomen against Dan. Finally, I noticed them together and made an exit. When we got home Dan Clare said he poguide thought a nice guylooking in great shape. This I did and I asked her if she Fanceden his cock inside her. She said do not be silly, but I repeated the question and she blushed slightly and nodded. That really turns me on, and when we were both so drunk, he had to wait until tomorrow to fuck with that thought in my head. A few days I asked Clara if she remembered dancing with Dan at the poguide club, she said yes. I asked if they know what they are, when we returned home implicitly reminded, once again, she said yes. That was always a new level, and asked him what he remembers about dancing with him. She said it was smooched his hard penis and rubbed against her belly, poguide she said she felt her ass and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. After hearing this I felt as hot as hell and we had good sex. We were both surprised by our answer to this. On Sunday, after he had gone to play cricket and had a drinks bar in opposition. I made a point of talking with Dan EARLIhim, looking slightly embarrassed and embarrissed front of me. I have it well and said he had enjoyed his Clara dance together. After poguide a few drinks, I returned poguide to the clubhouse with my team in the front seat and Dan and his team in the back seat. I called and took Clara back. Clara jumped in the back with Dan and were very close because of the duffel bag. Dan looked very uncomfortable and blushed Clare. Before leaving I turned around and said Dan Clara enjoyed the feeling of cock in her belly the other night. He looked shocked and said what is this strange shit, let me out of the car. Clare poguide said he would not be so forward with him you can forget poguide about the hole. Dan was interested and asked me if I knew what was happening Clara. She nodded her head. Do you think that he ( meaning me ) does not poguide care to another man fuck. Clara looked at her and she shook her head. Dan explains that he wanted when they cause, but not see me. They entered the house, I wentpremises for a few beers. I left it for 40 minutes and returned to our home. I poguide saw the house and thought, shit, shit, someone my wife there and not here in hats. I went in, and for some reason I thought it might have been terminated or at least in the bedrooms upstairs. I could go to the kitchen and went in, Dan was dressed, but Clara was naked and cleaning their legs with wet towels. She was red-faced and looked worried. ' The condom broke and Dan come to me, ' Clara is not on the pill, so she was trying to save the situation. He turned to me and Dan had cum running down her legs and Fanny. Dan poguide looked like he wanted to go. I told Dan to go take a shower and when he climbed the stairs I said to Clara to go when you can get a morning after pill and asked if I could get, and add the sperm there already. She nodded her head. continue
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